Refreshingly simple and Easy-to-Use ML Workbench

End-to-end Data Science Platform – Build, automate, deploy and manage models, in low-code and no-code.
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Need a reason to use Statlab?

Empowers anyone in your organization to do real data science. Perfect for both professional and personal use. Remove blockers and research 10x faster.
  • Risk

    Reduce Risk

    80-85% of data science projects fail. Use Dendrite's Statlab to cost-effectively build models in days and not months. Iterate quickly at speed to reach outcomes and finalize approaches.
  • No Limits on Anything

    User full power of end user's compute. Unlike competition we have no limits on anything. Unlimited predictions, Unlimited Models, Unlimited Training Data, Unlimited download of code files.
  • Economics

    Lower Costs

    Our pricing models are simple. Cost in terms of licensing and support is very competitive. Time to train people is a few days. Build dashboards and models 10x quicker and at a fraction of the cost.
  • Up-skill

    Empower everyone to get involved in Analytics

    Hiring and building a data science team is difficult and costly. Up-skill your organization to build dashboards and predictive models - no code platform to empower your business experts and citizen data science team.
  • Save Time

    We do the boring bits.

    Repetitive tasks like pre-processing data, transforming data, exploratory data analysis, model building and model tuning can be performed with point and click.
  • Research without Hassles

    A centralized research platform with intuitively organized features and workflow that allows to move swiftly from raw data to predictive models with ease.
  • Develop Models

    No Code.Low Code. No Complexity.

    No code, just results. Clean, Prepare, Explore, Analyze data and build dashboards and predictive models in a few clicks as opposed to working on fixing jupyter notebook bugs.
  • Accelerate ROI

    Enable the analytics teams to have one central solution and complete control to fit their needs and provide insights for the business and add value

Dendrite's Statlab is a complete ML Workbench

It is a powerful ML platform for startups, solo-entrepreneurs, academics, hackers, SMB's, startups and enterprises.
  • Top-notch Feature handling

    • Dimensionality reduction to boost performance
    • Linear/Polynomial Feature Interactions
    • Feature Reduction using various techniques
  • Ease of Model Building and Tuning

    • Cross-validation: Evaluating estimator performance
    • Tuning the hyper-parameters of an estimator
    • Metrics and scoring: quantifying the quality of predictions
    • Validation curves: plotting scores to evaluate models
  • Built with passion

    • Built using scikit-learn and spark MLlib
    • By Researchers for Researchers
    • Simple and efficient tools for predictive data analysis

The Key to Productive Research is One Click Away

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Why experts prefer and love us?

 Dendrite enhances the productivity of any researcher and truly accelerates end to end business intelligence and statistical learning and enables data-driven decisions. 

  • "Dendrite was worth a fortune to my small quant fund by allowing us to do both business intelligence and machine learning all in one platform. Helped save us time and iterate fast with our research. "

    Quant Trader/Researcher
  • "Dendrite is both attractive and highly adaptable for machine learning and business intelligence. I didn't even need training. Repetitive tasks in statistical learning can be done with point and click which allows me to focus on the finance literature and actual research."

    Professor - Finance
  • "It's really wonderful to be able to do ML & BI in one integrated place. Needless to say we are extremely satisfied with the results. Very easy to use and no limits on number of predictions, models or size of data is great. "

    Software engineer

One Place Not All Over - Truly Complete ML Workbench

Dendrite’s Statlab bridges the gap with every feature a researcher needs, and where every other tool falls short.
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  • Enterprise-ready AI

    Dendrite incorporates everything a business leader will need for the data-driven enterprise.
  • Collaborative analytics at scale

    One platform that enables work between cross functional team of business and analytics users.

Dendrite makes data-driven decisions simpler, faster, and better!

Experience the future of statistical learning in research

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