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Dendrite helps accelerate your research.

Overcome challenges of inefficient workflow and restricted resources with smart features and significantly faster iterative research processes
  • Big Boost for Universities
    Avoid reproducibility failures or pitfalls in ML-based science using Dendrite's no-code ML platform. Reduce reputational risk for both Professors and Students by having reliable results. Lay the groundwork for a promising future
  • Risk-free, cancel anytime
    No long-term lock-in. Cancellation is entirely self-serve, no questions asked, no retention specialists trying to talk you out of it. Straightforward, and fair, just as it should be.
  • Free accounts for Students
    Entirely free accounts for students (including alternate education programs). We hope that our documentation on applied data science and business intelligence can accommodate different learning styles and starting points

The Super Easy-to-use Platform to Powers your Research

Get Business Intelligence and Machine Learning all-in-one

Business Intelligence - Visualistic

An enterprise-grade BI tool for powerful visualisation.

Machine Learning - Statslab

A powerful ML Workbench with every feature you will need.

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You're in good hands

An end-to-end research ecosystem for academia.
  • Feature Rich

    All the features you need

    Students and academics get access to an enterprise-grade tool and best-in-class research platform.
  • No Limits on Anything

    User full power of end user's compute. Unlike competition we have no limits on anything. Unlimited predictions, Unlimited Models, Unlimited Training Data, Unlimited download of code files.
  • Faster Iterations

    AI/ML Models and Research Papers in minutes

    Have state of art models and quantitative parts of research papers ready in minutes and focus more on research.
  • Detailed Model Metrics and Evaluation Reports

    The detailed model metrics provided by Dendrite’s ML platform on each trained model provides the researcher insights that allows them to arrive at the best model faster.
  • Save Time

    We do the boring bits.

    Repetitive tasks like pre-processing data, transforming data, exploratory data analysis, model building and model tuning can be performed with point and click.
  • Research without Hassles

    Intuitively organized features and workflow in one centralized research platform. If you are a student analyzing data or creating models Dendrite ensures success.
  • Develop Models

    No Code/Low Code

    No code, just results. Clean, Prepare, Explore, and Analyze data in a few clicks as opposed to working on fixing jupyter notebook bugs.
  • Organized, easy-to-use platform

    Survive, thrive, and stand out with an enterprise-grade tool where everyone on the research team is moving in the same direction, with the same goals.

Why experts prefer and love us?

 Dendrite enhances the productivity of any researcher and truly accelerates end to end business intelligence and statistical learning and enables data-driven decisions. 

  • "Dendrite was worth a fortune to my small quant fund by allowing us to do both business intelligence and machine learning all in one platform. Helped save us time and iterate fast with our research. "

    Quant Trader/Researcher
  • "Dendrite is both attractive and highly adaptable for machine learning and business intelligence. I didn't even need training. Repetitive tasks in statistical learning can be done with point and click which allows me to focus on the finance literature and actual research."

    Professor - Finance
  • "It's really wonderful to be able to do ML & BI in one integrated place. Needless to say we are extremely satisfied with the results. Very easy to use and no limits on number of predictions, models or size of data is great. "

    Software engineer

Dendrite can drastically reduce time spent on your research!

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