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You Ask — We Tell

  • What is the Dendrite Platform?

    Dendrite is a full-service integrated research platform that includes an Enterprise platform for AI and BI that can be used by Quant Researchers, Data Scientist, PHD students, MBA students, Analytic students and Professors at various universities for Research.
  • But you need a PhD!

    This is another long running debate about level of knowledge you need before you can start to do analysis on data. Personally if you'd like to take a number of years completing a degree and then a Master's and a PhD you can take that route(our founder actually did) but being pragmatic you can get reading and start using Dendrite's No-Code integrated AI and BI stack. We are working on integrating state of art documentation on applied machine learning and there are large number of courses, websites and papers to keep the eager of minds occupied and get started by getting your hands dirty and grabbing some data and trying out end to end machine learning in Dendrite.
  • How can I get started?

    Please Sign up and our team will reach out to get you started.
  • Like other AI platforms do your enforce limits or restrict features?

    Unlike competition we have no limits on anything. Unlimited predictions, Unlimited Models, Unlimited Training Data, Unlimited download of code files.
  • What is the goal of this platform?

    Research without Hassles. We have launched Dendrite to be helpful for scientists and researchers, as well as data scientists working on commercial applications in accelerating their research journey. Repetitive tasks like pre-processing data, transforming data, exploratory data analysis, model building and model tuning can be performed with point and click.
  • What about the Math and Programming?

    There are some things that will be debated forever and a day. One such debate is how much math and how much programming do you need to know before you can start doing machine learning and business intelligence. Doing ML and learning the theory of ML are two very different subjects. To learn theory good grounding in math and stats is required. The goal of dendrite is to provide a no code platform that focuses on how the machine learning tools/techniques work for you while giving just the right amount of context on how the underlying tools/techniques work.
  • Which plan is right for me, and will I be able to afford it?

    Please fill out the 'Contact Us' form so we may schedule a consultation to understand your needs and advise you on the best plan for your company. Our pricing policies are simple and all-inclusive. No tiers and upgrade requirements. Our cost in terms of licensing, customization, training and support is the least in the industry. Friendly to your bottom line.

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