Empowering Data-driven Decisions for a Smarter World

Dendrite is a fully customizable all-in-one platform that makes data-driven decision making smarter and simpler. Perfect for both professional and personal use.
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A comprehensive ML + BI workbench that offers unmatched flexibility and simplicity.

Dendrite is the only workbench that combines features needed for every aspect of the end-to-end research process.
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A platform with all the essential enterprise-grade tools to empower all kinds of data researchers

Beginner or Advanced, Individual, Enterprise, or Academic - Dendrite is designed to support every step of the research journey.
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    For Data Scientists

    Innovate, experiment, and iterate all from one powerful and feature-rich platform.
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    For Technology Experts

    Automate repetitive tasks like pre-processing data, transforming data, deployment of models with our end-to-end BI and AI platform.
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    For Enterprise Leaders

    The truly complete AI + BI platform that helps promote effective adoption of data-driven business decisions and grow your investments.
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    For Academia

    Get all the enterprise-grade features you need to derive insights, at a fraction of the price.

The Key to Productive Research is One Click Away

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Why Dendrite?

Wondering why you should choose the Dendrite platform? We Help Companies and Researchers Shine.

  • Scale Easily

     Run end to end BI and AI with ease with the multi-environment set-up across the organization.

  • Save Time

     Clean, Prepare, Explore, and Analyze data in a few clicks. Automate repetitive tasks where necessary.

  • Unlimited Value

     No limits on anything. Unlimited predictions, models, training data, and unlimited download of code files.  

Why experts prefer and love us?

 Dendrite enhances the productivity of any researcher and truly accelerates end to end business intelligence and statistical learning and enables data-driven decisions. 

  • "Dendrite was worth a fortune to my small quant fund by allowing us to do both business intelligence and machine learning all in one platform. Helped save us time and iterate fast with our research. "

    Quant Trader/Researcher
  • "Dendrite is both attractive and highly adaptable for machine learning and business intelligence. I didn't even need training. Repetitive tasks in statistical learning can be done with point and click which allows me to focus on the finance literature and actual research."

    Professor - Finance
  • "It's really wonderful to be able to do ML & BI in one integrated place. Needless to say we are extremely satisfied with the results. Very easy to use and no limits on number of predictions, models or size of data is great. "

    Software engineer

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