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  • No Code. Just Drag and Drop

    Empowers anyone in your organization to be involved in analytics regardless skill level. Even enables business users to create technical products.
  • Unlimited on Everything

    No limits on anything. Unlimited predictions, models, training data, and unlimited download of code files.
  • Easy on the pocket

    Our licensing and supporting costs is very competitive. Our pricing models are simple with zero caveats and strings attached. No need to break a bank.
  • One place not all over the place

    Integrated AI and BI capabilities uniting all the relevant teams to work under a single ecosystem.
  • Operationalize for ML at Scale

    Have complete control or visibility into chosen algorithms, applied data transformations or hyper parameter choices. Download model files for complete transparency and reproducibility.
  • Presentations in a few clicks

    Create and analyse data through visually appealing graphs and charts that are presentation-ready in a matter of clicks.

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Dendrite has a better ER

Wondering why you should choose the Dendrite platform? Because it is a faster, easier, better and cheaper.


    Using no-code tools allows you to go all the way from an idea to model to market launch in weeks. Run end to end BI and AI with ease with point and click and little training to get started.  


    You don't need to work with amateur products. With years of experience, our team has worked hard to build a top quality product.


    Hiring and training is expensive. Allowing the entire organization to use no-code platform is not only a cheaper but faster way to deploy AI at scale.

Why experts prefer and love us?

 Dendrite enhances the productivity of any researcher and truly accelerates end to end business intelligence and statistical learning and enables data-driven decisions. 

  • "Dendrite was worth a fortune to my small quant fund by allowing us to do both business intelligence and machine learning all in one platform. Helped save us time and iterate fast with our research. "

    Quant Trader/Researcher
  • "Very easy and intutitve tool for Exploratory Data Analysis and Point and Click Machine Learning. No messy IPython Notebook". Allows me to focus on the actual meat of the research. 

    PHD Student - Finance
  • "It's really wonderful to be able to do ML & BI in one integrated place. Needless to say we are extremely satisfied with the results. Very easy to use and no limits on number of predictions, models or size of data is great. "

    Software engineer

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